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Worldwide march against Monsanto LIVE UPDATES

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Worldwide march against Monsanto LIVE UPDATES

Post by Mulchefye on Tue May 27, 2014 6:30 pm

A global event challenging the agricultural behemoth Monsanto’s efforts to dominate the world food supply is taking place across the globe as millions of anti-GMO activists join forces against the biotech giant.

Sunday, May 25
01:24 GMT:
An anti-GMO rally in downtown Portland which attracted some 6,000 activists has concluded with a big marching band performance.

00:44 GMT:

People of Milwaukee turned out a thousand strong to help plant the seeds of awareness about Monsanto's unprecedented control over our food system in the US and the level of corrupt influence over US government policy-making and regulation of GE crops.

00:05 GMT:

Over 1,000 people turned up at a rally against Monsanto in Vancouver, as Police cordoned streets surrounding the Art Gallery for activists to proceed downtown.

full story HERE, lots of videos as well...


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